Natural dried figs

Besides its nutritional value, the fig is also the fruit that symbolizes prosperity, fertility, knowledge and unity.
The natural figs “filliris” are one of the best Greek products.The nutritional value of the natural dried fig “filliris”, a tasty, nutritional and healthy product, which with the proper collection, the natural drying process without preservatives or , additives and of course the elaborate packaging, may be an integral part of our daily diet.
Dried figs are rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.

Φυσικά ξηρά σύκα - Filliris






Natural dried figs   350gr







Natural dried figs with nuts  250gr


Παστελακι σύκου - Filliris






Natural dried figs bar  60gr


The unique bar “filliris” is rich in protein and fiber and is also packed with all the nutrients. This tasty snack will delight you with its delicious taste, its soft tender texture and the feeling of satiety.The fig bar contains: Dried figs, nuts, sesame seeds, cinnamon, ouzo, honey and sunflower.
Sugar Free
Rich in Energy &
Fiber Rich in Vitamins, Minerals &