Figs and health benefits

Aristotle considered it an alternative medication that can protect us from every type of pernicious poison.

The properties of figs:

1. They lower blood pressure:
Figs are a rich source of potassium which helps regulate our blood pressure. Studies have certainly shown that people who eat more potassium have lower average blood pressure than the general population.

2. They prevent constipation:
Because they work like mild laxatives, figs may provide a solution to people who suffer from chronic constipation and who want to try a natural remedy.

3. They can play a supplemental role in keeping our weight down:
Summertime fruits are rich in fiber. The more fiber we include in our daily diet, the better results we will have in maintaining our desired weight. This is because they slow down digestion and delay the expulsion of food from our stomach, thus maintaining the sensation of satiation for a longer period of time.

4. They protect women who are in their postmenopausal stage from breast cancer:
An eight-year research study involving more than 50,000 women in the postmenopausal stage in Sweden has shown that women who eat more fiber-rich fruits (and the fruits considered to be the richest source of fiber are figs, apples, pears and prunes) have a 34% lower risk of breast cancer than those who consume less fiber.

5. They prevent heart disease:
Studies on animals have shown that by eating this most delicious fruit can lower the triglyceride levels in our blood and, by extension, prevent heart disease for years to come.

6. They contribute to maintaining strong bone density:
Figs are rich in the mineral that makes our bones stronger, calcium. Figs have the same calcium content that milk has. Just 100 grams equals 17% of our daily recommended allowance of calcium. And because figs are a rich source of potassium, which retards loss of calcium in our urine which is caused by diets high in salt, figs are an important ally in our fight against osteoporosis.

7. They can improve our sex life:
We all know that figs are a natural aphrodisiac because they increase our hormones.

Their anti-oxidant effects also make figs an invaluable ally in our struggle to maintain our attractive appearance.

9.Pharmaceutical industry
Because figs also work like a strong laxative, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a natural laxative instead of other chemical laxatives.

Eating figs will also help you digest indigestible foods easier. Figs contain an enzyme that conducts proteolysis. This enzyme helps the digestion and can be used as a medicine.